The robust grill is made of non-magnetic stainless steel of particularly high quality and is therefore designed for heavy use over many years. Thanks to the welded tube construction, the trolley of this stable grill with screwed side shelves provides a stable work surface. It also offers all the functions that the experienced outdoor cook appreciates: three individually adjustable burners, each in a separate firing chamber, adjustable warming rack and electronic push-button ignition. The Platinum Line is equipped with the innovative TRU-Infrared ™ grill system, which prevents flares and achieves an even distribution of heat. In this way you achieve perfect grilling results and up to 50% more juicy grilled food, while using up to 30% less gas.


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Height (cm) 123
Width (cm) 143.5
Depth (cm) 63.5
Weight (kg) 87.5
Grill surface (cm) 67 x 48.5
Cooking grate material stainless steel
Burner material stainless steel
Protective shield material Not specified
Side shelf stainless steel
Grill system TRU-Infrared ™ (incl. Stainless steel grate + stainless steel emitter plate)
Main burner power (kW) 7th
Side burner power (kW) 2.9
Our quality is self-convincing. 10 year guarantee on the stainless steel burners, 3 years on the grates and emitters and 2 years on all other components.
TRU infrared grill system
Grills the food evenly and prevents uncontrolled flaring up. This means that the food to be grilled is particularly juicy every time. (Burner, grate and emitter design vary depending on the model).
Separate fire chambers
Individually adjustable burners in a separate fire chamber allow maximum temperature control.
Stainless steel burner
Are durable, heat-resistant and particularly durable. (Burner version varies depending on the model).
Surefire electronic ignition
Located on every burner and allows the burner to be ignited at the push of a button – without an open flame.
Side shelf
A useful place for your grilling tools and cooking accessories. Or as an extension of the work surface while grilling.
Thermometer at grate height
For professional temperature control.
Side burner
Warms up sauces and dishes that complement the grill menu. The lid can also be closed to provide an additional work surface.


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